rhd furniture - desking


Most of us spend a large proportion of our waking lives sitting behind a desk, so it's important that they're designed with practicality in mind.

The law requires that each worker is free to arrange their IT equipment, telephone and paperwork on the work surface in the way that suits them best. If necessary they should also be able to move things around depending on which task they need to perform.

It's almost impossible to achieve this with a combination of a traditional rectangular desk and a deep monitor. This has led to the development of wave desks, where the wider area to one side provides space to keep IT equipment out of the way, leaving a wide area for paperwork.

The modern curved workstation is even more ergonomically designed. It offers a wraparound, cockpit solution so the user can work at any point around a semi-circle, providing maximum flexibility.

We'll work with you to decide which type of desking will best answer your needs, and also provide all the other accessories you need such as filing cabinets and cable tidies for a streamlined look.